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Senior Living Price Comparison In USD between Mexico and USA in 2016

To think about a loved one’s care on a long term, could be a difficult decision. Among other factors to consider; selecting a trusted provider, having access to quality medical services, establishing a long-term financial income, or involving the rest of your family members in sharing visits and expenses, you must also consider the long term cost of your best option.


We consider that Mexico, especially Baja, offers an excellent option for Americans that have mid to long term life expectancy and wish to have the best of both countries: a world-class service at extremely inferior prices compared to those paid in the US, and be close enough to the border to enjoy your health services in California. And here is an example: In a case of a basic care Assisted Living patient, that has a 10 years life expectancy, living in San Diego, California in 2016, the monthly cost is $4,000 dollars according to Genworth Financial and have been on the rise by 2.71% annually for the past 5 years.


If projected to 10 years, comparing the same service and conditions to Serena, considering our costs will also rise, but at a lower rate, the difference is more than 70% : $557,000 Vs. $323,000 dollars. And if the same exercise is done with Alzheimer or Nursing Care, this difference increases dramatically.

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