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Another example of poor healthcare services provided by a housekeeper

A Little more than a year ago, we were contacted by Mr. Thompson’s only son who lived in California; he was very worried that his father’s health was declining and unable to care for him in Rosarito.
His son David, a 42 year old realtor with a family of his own had a tough time coming down and dealing with his father’s housekeeper and her whole family, who were not assisting Mr. Thompson with an infectious bed sore and other health challenges at his Rosarito home. The housekeeper had slowly taken over control of his health and finances without David knowing.

This nonprofessional’s assistance resulted in over $25,000 of fictitious healthcare services and the emergency admittance into a nearby hospital. Mr. Thompson’s health was so critical that his leg had to be amputated due to diabetes; he was not being fed properly, given medications or attention, instead, the housekeeper’s family was living off Mr. Thompson’s income, resulting in elder abuse and negligence. The hospital was unable to control the infection and the prognosis grew from removing his leg partially to a full leg amputation. After David found out what had happened, he called Serena and we admitted him immediately.

His lack of attention was so much that Mr. Thompson was even afraid of speaking at first, but with the food, care and love of our staff, he was able to gain weight, confidence and his health status improved dramatically during the first week at SerenaCenter. It has been more than a year since he began his recovery and is about to celebrate his 79th birthday next month.

This is another terrible and unfortunate example of a rapid declining health issue that could easily have been avoided with the proper due health care attention provide by a professional. Don’t let that happen to you; always look around and most important make sure the person you are hiring to care for you or your love one, is certified to do the job.