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Serena Center Loma Blanca

Serena Senior Care First in Mexico to receive International Quality Certification

January 28th, 2022
Tijuana, México 


Serena Senior Care since 2008 has offered premium Assisted Living services in Baja California and in January of 2022 became the first senior care company in Mexico to be Certified ISO 9001:2015.  Since 1987 the International Organization for Standardization has provided guidelines and certification for Quality Management Systems (QMS) that demonstrate operational excellence and integrity.  Serena has obtained this global recognition as a result of their commitment to providing professional, safe, and caring services to assist elderly people and their families for over 14 years.


Since its foundation Serena establish as a main priority to offer the highest quality care possible, and invested in creating the systems, processes, technology and most importantly the human capital development necessary to consistently provide high value to its elderly residents and their families.  The QMS certification process required an 18-month effort of working with licensed ISO professionals to guide the staff and management of Serena in documenting and designing the quality assurance and continues improvement systems, concluding with a very stringent QMS Audit in December 2021, and after a week-long inspection Serena received the approval from ISO.


Having lived the certification process during the Covid 19 pandemic it enabled Serena to integrate process and safety protocols in our daily quality management system, resulting in Covid safe environments.  This has led to new designs in our facilities, and safer environments for our residents and collaborators. This is very clear in Serena´s new Assisted Living Center called Loma Blanca, which is located between Rosarito Beach and the city of Tijuana, only 13 miles from the San Diego, California border crossing, which makes it very convenient for the many families coming from the USA and for accessing medical services in California.


The new Assisted Living center is the third facility for Serena, and it will be the largest one.  It is projected as a Continuous Care Retirement Community (CCRC) that when fully built it will offer Independent Living options, Assisted Living and Memory Care.  Currently the facility has 24 rooms, specious common areas for activities, physical therapy, and socialization.  The facility includes a fully equipped nurses station and a commercial grade Kitchen in the process of obtaining the H Certification for safety and hygiene. With a one-floor layout Loma Blanca has a terrace, walking paths and is secured perimeter, so any resident may enjoy the outdoors safely, including sitting by 30-year-old trees and their shades since it’s located away from the city’s noise in a country like setting. The next phase of growth will increase the assisted living capacity to 40 rooms, reaching a total capacity of 86 rooms for Serena, making it the largest Assisted Living provider in Northwest Mexico.


Beyond the management systems and capacity, Serena´s services are recognized for the warmth of care and for creating loving family environments.  The staff is highly trained and carefully selected, most of the care givers are licensed nurses, and they maintain a ratio of three to five residents per care giver.   Additionally they are supported by a solid health network of geriatricians, nutritionists, psychologists, physiotherapists, and many other professionals that attend to the residents every day needs.


World class quality management together with beautiful functional surroundings and the characteristic culture of care and warmth towards the elderly in Mexico, makes Serena Senior Care a preferred option for families that have older members that require support in their daily activities.  Families from California can save over 40% on the care for their loved ones with Serena, making it more affordable to have high quality care and joyful life in their golden years.


For more information: www.serenacare.net, (1877) 606 0022 from the US, or info@serenacare.net


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