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Our nursing team is dedicated to taking care of our seniors and their families, providing personalized and comprehensive assistance so they can enjoy a life of well-being and autonomy.

The Serena
of Caring

Our approach to caring for the elderly at Serena Centers is with love, personalized attention, and excellent customer service, including their families. Our highly qualified staff undergoes continuous training.

We have bright, spacious, and facilities to welcome residents, and we also use technology to attend to each resident; we call this the Serena Value Triangle.

Differences with Foreign Models

Serena has small residences with 20 to 30 rooms, instead of buildings with 80 to 120 units or very small homes with 3 rooms that are common in other countries.

In these models, the care of residents can be impersonal, in an institutional environment that usually, lacks a doctor and has limited use of technology.

Unlike foreign care models, at Serena, we provide care to our residents with a single monthly cost and no complications.

Difference with other Residences in Mexico

Unlike national care models, at Serena, we focus on professionalizing care services for the elderly, always considering continuous improvement. We are certified in ISO 9001:2015 since 2020 and have the highest number of annual training hours per employee in the industry in Mexico.

Assisted Living

We offer Assisted Living in our residences called Serena Centers. We have three options available in Baja California, where you can choose the best stay for your family member; each one has its own charm with unique features that may be ideal for those seeking care. We invite you to explore them.

Memory Care

Specialized care for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, as well as different conditions related to advanced age. Our Serena Centers are residences specifically designed for this purpose.

Nursing Care

Our nursing team provides:

  • Individualized resident care plans
  • Dementia care
  • Diabetic management
  • Nutrition programs
  • On-staff registered dietitian
  • Medication management
  • Wound care (Basic/Specialized)
  • Catheter and colostomy care
  • Enteral administration (feeding tube)
  • Hospice care
  • Ileostomy care
  • Short term stays
  • Enteral feeding
  • Transportation services
  • Laboratory testing services
  • Imaging services
  • Vision, dental, and audiology support
  • Off-site dialysis
  • Laboratory testing and X-rays

Our nursing team is here to assist you.

Serena Day Center

We have a Day Center Serena Day Center by Gerontropia - dedicated to psychological care and activities for older adults who require these services in a professional, fun, and active environment. Here, we provide individual and group activities for your loved ones during extended hours.

Currently, classes such as Yoga, Tai-Chi, Art Therapy, Gerogym, among others, are offered. Check the schedules here.

Temporary Stays

We understand when you need a few days off and want your family member to be well taken care of. We are the best place for that; ask about temporary stays, we offer the solution for your care needs for as long as you require.

Serena Aid

It is an optional service that many families sign up for to make their lives easier. Having a revolving fund for immediate expenses of your family member allows Serena to make purchases on behalf of the family.

This service is very useful to save time on shopping and lines at stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, scheduling health specialist appointments, and many other providers since Serena does it for you. All these services are exclusive to residents of Serena Centers.

The Serena Van is a specialized vehicle with a hydraulic platform to transport individuals with limited mobility in wheelchairs. You can arrive on time to your medical appointments, shopping, visiting family, or other social events.

Serena Living

We offer home nursing care services for those who prefer to stay at home or find it more convenient for the family to care for the person in their usual enviroment. Our trained staff provides services such as postoperative care, wound care, dementia care, stroke care, assisted baths, oral medication administration, accompaniment, and engagement in activities both at home and outside, including attendance at social events.

Serena Smart

It is a set of supplementary assistance services for resident’s care. In addition to daily care, we provide a series of technological supports to help reduce the risk of falls, for example, an alert mat.

Serena Smart also offers a complimentary membership to residents of Serena Centers called Serena Full Assistance Card, serving as protection for their health and well-being. It also provides discounts with established medical providers in Tijuana, Rosarito, and Ensenada. The membership is valid throughout their stay at the Serena Center.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Serena Center?

It is a model of Senior Care Residences. We specialize in the care of older adults with Alzheimer's disease in its different stages, as well as other neurocognitive disorders. Serena Center is designed under the "Assisted Living" and "Nursing Care" model from the United States, with a higher level of service, as our caregiver-to-resident ratio is more than double. We have 3 residences; one in the north of Rosarito, the second in the golden zone of Tijuana, and the third between both cities.

What is the difference between Assisted Living and a nursing home?

In Assisted Living, high-quality services are offered in a pleasant environment. Customized care plans are designed, with spacious rooms, recreational activities and a warm atmosphere. Single or double rooms are provided, with 24-hour nursing, security systems, and medical supervision.

Do you have daycare or temporary stay services?

Yes, we offer it for stays from 2 weeks to several months at Serena Centers. If you are looking for hourly care services, we recommend our SerenaCay Care by Gerontropia, dedicated to providing activities for older adults who require such services in a professional, fun, and active environment. Here, we provide your family member with..

Do you accept people with Alzheimer's disease?

Yes, our staff is specialized in the care of this condition.

Who can live at Serena Center?

Any person who requires personalized care according to their needs with activities of daily living.

Do you accept people with other conditions such as strokes (CVA), cancer, or other or other terminal-stage illnesses ?

Yes, our staff has experience and receives training to attend residents with these conditions. However, each case would need to be evaluated before admission, considering also the physician's indications and family wishes.

Do you have medical supervision?

Yes, Serena Center has a physician that does regular checkups to residents on a monthly basis. Overall, our Serena Centers are supervised by the renowned geriatrician Clemente Zúñiga Gil.

Do you have a civil protection program?

Yes, we are currently one of the few senior care residences in the state with an Internal Civil Protection Program to act in case of a catastrophic event, such as fires, earthquakes, or other emergencies. All our staff receives constant training in first aid, emergency management and correct use of fire extinguishers. At Serena we are always looking to protect the integrity of our residents and staff.

Do you have a nutritionist in charge of residents?

Yes, currently, our nutritionist team has developed a personalized meal program tailored to the needs, preferences, and requirements of each resident. Our kitchen staff  prepares daily meals according to the program's guidelines, while still indulging each resident.

Is there nursing supervision?

Yes, we have 24/7 nursing care team with a nurse coordinator supervising the staff at all Serena Centers.

What sets Serena Centers apart from other residences?

We believe that having the most enthusiastic and trained staff, equipped with technology for their daily activities, and spaces designed specifically to enjoy the wonderful years of our residents, makes us one of the best places in Mexico. Serena Center has been considered by many national and international experts as the best centers in the north of the country. We have a large medical support network, an activity plan focused on working on cognitive, physical and recreational areas, and a lot of security. We are not a hospital, but the best Assisted Living residence in Baja California.

What activities do you offer besides daily care at Serena Center?

At Serena Center, we have a monthly calendar of recreational, cognitive, social, and outdoor activities. We know that having fun is extremely important to maintain a good spirit and attitude towards life. Therefore, we schedule at least two daily activities, such as yoga classes, music therapy, arts and crafts, walks, bingo, exercise sessions to strengthen balance, decoration, movie nights, birthday celebrations, holidays and many more.

How do you guarantee the safety of my family member at Serena Center?

Because man families have entrusted us with their loved one’s care,  we have a security system with surveillance cameras 24/7, as well as a team of security guards and a direct access to 911 line in case of an emergency. 

Do you accept people with HIV/AIDS or in recovery from drug addiction?

Unfortunately, we are unable to admit people with these conditions or diseases as they require specialized infrastructure and care that Serena Center cannot provide .

My family member has been diagnosed with a mental disorder; can Serena Center accommodate them?

We do not have the necessary staff or facilities to meet the care needs of individuals with delusional, paranoid, psychotic, or sexual mental disorders. However, there are specialized options in Baja California for their care provided by professionals.

When to make the decision to hire a caregiver for my parents? How to take the first step?

It is important to recognize when our parents no longer have the capacity to care for themselves. This may be due to physical or mental limitations. If personally there is not enough time to take care of them, then it's time to hire a professional to attend to them. The first step is to identify a provider that offers a support structure that can respond at any time.

I need care for a family member, how can you help me?

We offer a comprehensive system of assistance services in the comfort of your own home or in our specialized facilities at Serena Center. From a caregiver to support daily activities such as personal hygiene, mobility, cleaning, meals, or medication administration, to certified nurses for wound care, therapies, or advanced care, in shifts ranging from 4 to 24 hours. Additionally, we have a wide network of medical services and specialists at preferential prices.

How many hours is the minimum service I can hire per day?

Our services are from 6 to 24 hours.

What labor responsibility do I have with the caregiver or nurse who comes to my house?

Since the sent personnel are employees of Serena, the social and labor burden is absorbed by us. It is common for independent workers (such as nursing or cleaning personnel) to be able to legally demand from the family at the end of a contractual relationship. Avoid having to hire lawyers or having to go to the Local Conciliation and Arbitration Board on multiple occasions.

How is the personnel selected that you send to my house, are they certified?

Serena has a careful process of selecting personnel, including socioeconomic, psychological, and drug testing. All personnel are supervised by an Operational Coordinator and our medical director and are periodically evaluated. Additionally, the staff participates in a continuous training program in partnership with institutions such as the Red Cross, UABC, Iberoamerican University, Endeavor, CICESE, COTUCO, and the Institute of Older Adults of Arizona.

What is the cost of the service?

The costs of home care vary according to the needs of each person. A brief questionnaire is applied to determine the level of care along with the number of hours required per day. Contact us to assess your needs or those of your family member.

Can you care for people with Alzheimer's disease?

Yes, our staff receives training in the proper management of people with Alzheimer's disease at different stages. Our medical director, Dr. Clemente Zúñiga, is a Geriatrician specialized in managing this disease.

Can you take people to doctor's appointments?

We have a service that specializes in coordinating medical services, including doctor's appointments, laboratories, medication purchases, and transportation. Our caregivers or nurses can accompany the person in their vehicle or in Serena's own vehicle, just call (800) 030 0070 to schedule an appointment.

Do you accept American or Mexican health insurance to cover the cost of home care?

Yes, in the case of post-operative and rehabilitation services, most Mexican health insurance plans pay a proportion. Check with your insurance agent for the coverage included in your major medical expenses policy.

What forms of payment do you offer?

When hiring our services, we agree with you on the best form of payment for you: cash, check, or electronic transfers from Mexican or foreign banks.

Can I meet the caregiver or nurse who will take care of me or my family member before the first day of service?

Yes, at Serena, we care about making the best selection of personnel who have the necessary characteristics to take care of you or your family member; bilingual, with driving skills, with a passport, etc. We can schedule a pre-service meeting at our offices for them to get acquainted.

What happens if I need to modify the day or time of care?

We understand that things don't always go as planned, for those occasions just call (01800) 030 0070 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and let us know what you need to modify. At Serena, we will take care of coordinating such changes. Always a customer service representative to assist you, bilingual!

Can you send me a caregiver or nurse to my house only?

Although most home care services are precisely there, we can also take care of a person in hospitals and clinics if necessary. In many cases, hospitals require relatives of patients to take shifts alongside their loved ones. Serena can support in those moments.

Should I offer food to the caregiver or nurse who assists me at home?

For caregivers and nurses who work shifts of 10-12 continuous hours in your home, we request that they be provided with one meal per shift and an hour of rest to take it. For those scheduled for fewer hours, it will not be necessary to provide them with food, although a rest during the shift is required.

What is the minimum time I can contract home care services?

One of the advantages of choosing Serena as your care provider is that the contract can be from one day to seven days a week, from 6 hours to 24 hours a day, you decide and we adapt to the needs of your family.

What is a Serena Card?

It is an annual membership granted to our residents and their family members to provide them with discounts from quality medical providers in the coastal area of Baja California.

Who can purchase a membership?

It is free of charge for residents and their families, as it is a courtesy for them.

What is SerenaAid

It is an optional service that many families subscribe to for their convenience. Having a revolving fund for your loved one's immediate expenses allows you to access it easily without having to go shopping and deliver items to Serena Center, as Serena takes care of it for you. Just authorize the purchase, and we take care of the rest. We can help you with emergency purchases, medications, diapers, haircuts, physiotherapy, among other services that are covered with this fund

I need to go to the pharmacy, supermarket, or pay utility bills, and I am unable to drive Can Serena help me?

Yes. You just need to schedule an appointment at (800) 030 0070, let us know the errands you need to run, and a driver will pick you up at your home, take you to your destination, and bring you back.

Do I need to be affiliated with Serena to enjoy benefits like transportation to medical appointments?

Not necessarily. However, current members of Serena Full Assistance enjoy the benefit of receiving special discount prices.

I have maintenance issues in my house. How can you help me?

For current members of the Serena Full Assistance Program, we assist with validated external providers such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, and mechanics. I need local references for service providers.

If I need someone to pick me up from the airport or my home for a flight in Tijuana or San Diego, do you provide this service?

Yes. We have drivers who can assist you with your travels. Just contact our Customer Service Center 48 hours in advance.

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