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Consequence of a fall

Consequences of a fall

The unsteadiness of gait and falls are frequent problems in the care of the elderly. As you can imagine in addition to the physical consequences, as the immediate trauma, wounds, contusions, bruises, fractures and reduced mobility, falls have important medical, psychological and family consequences.

Medical consequences: Did you know that the fracture is the most serious consequence of the falls? The mortality rate among patients who have suffered a hip fracture is 10-20%. Most of these deaths occur in the 4 months after, it is also cause of subsequent physical disability, since half of those who survive after it never recovered the functional level they had before. Keep in mind that the immediate response can be the big difference in the patient’s recovery, as timely care within the hour gives us the ability to face any consequence and this decreases as time passes.

Psychological impacts: It is here when the “post-fall syndrome” appears, manifesting itself mainly in elderly women living alone because they generate fear of falling again, or a continuous state of anxiety, loss of self-confidence, decreased self-esteem, often marks the beginning of family overprotection addition to depression, social isolation, loss of quality of life, and restriction of basic activities like handling objects of daily life, affecting them functionally, making them dependent, a situation that causes a life without quality.

Family Impact: After a fall,  changes in the patient and his family are produced because in most cases it must change its usual dynamics, the daughter or son of the patient moves or organize their schedules in their jobs to spend more time with them, the youngest son or daughter stop attending activities where they used to be to share the care or definitely householders choose to live in the house where indisputably the environment changes,  because they all become caregivers and over protectors,  affecting not only the elderly but all the family members.

Falls also have economic consequences, as in cases of hospitalization or institutionalization there are increased costs and, with the increased dependence, the need for a caregiver.

“I left home a moment to buy the food of the week and upon returning my mom had fallen, it was a very delicate moment” – Mrs. Eva Contreras, Tijuana B.C.

Key points to remember:
-Anyone can suffer a fall and not necessarily suffer any disease.
-Falls are not always accidental events can be the manifestation of a serious illness.
-The fall often leads to dependence for fear of further falls.
Failure to timely respond to a fall results in serious consequences.
In addition to the physical consequences, falls have important psychological, familiar, economic and social repercussions.

“When my dad fell I realized that I couldn’t leave him alone at all, that’s why I quit my job to take care of him 100%, now is just my husband the one who works, it has been difficult” – Mrs. Irma Rodríguez, Tijuana B.C.

We understand that the greatest concern is that your loved ones are well cared, happy and having a good quality of life. We recommend investigating options available to your family for the care of your parents, grandparents or other elderly loved one. Because it is their welfare and safety first we are with you.


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