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Tuteli and the Public Security State Secretary, Signed an Agreement, Unique in it’s Class For the Protection of the Elderly in Baja California

The Secretary Andres de la Rosa Anaya and Tuteli Director Flavio Olivieri, signed a collaboration agreement to provide an expedite and effective support system for the elderly population in case of an emergency. “With this agreement our 066 Alert program that began last year in favor of the elderly population or with different capacities, is strengthened” stressed the Secretary De la Rosa.


The agreement allows Tuteli Lively to be linked directly with the Public Security Command and Control Center (C4) in a faster and safer way. “It is very common to hear stories of people who fell and could not reach the telephone to ask for help, lying on the floor for a long time until someone found them. In some cases this proved fatal or serious health complications” said Flavio Olivieri.


The 066 Alert program, allows people’s information to be uploaded in the system so in the event of an emergency, Tuteli Lively saves time by not asking for that same information again an assuring a quicker response.

The Tuteli Lively Watch System is pre-registered information identifies the caller, exact location and possible medical emergency, including special indications, as well as emergency contacts such as relatives or doctors to notify them about the situation when the emergency button is pressed.

The Tuteli Lively Watch System was launched in July 2015, and has the support of the local

Mexican Red Cross as well as the Public Security State Office.


Article written by Tuteli

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