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    Sr. de la tercera edad recibiendo su Tender Loving Call

    Because their wellbeing is most important, the TLC or Tender Loving Call, is a daily lookout call to make sure your loved one is doing well.


    The call that takes care of you…

    • Share with a Serena  advisor the needs of your loved one.
    • We schedule a call every day at the same time.
    • We’ll talk with your loved one and verify their wellbeing.
    • If they don’t respond, we will call the emergency contact.
    • In case no one responds, we will go to his or her home and investigate his or her situation.
    • Upon contracting the TLC servicer, you may provide an access code or copies of keys if you desire, we always maintain a confidential and secure management of information.

    If you want more information, make an appointment, we are here to help.. 
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