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Frequently Asked Questions –  Serena Care

1- What is SerenaCenter?

Is a Home Care model for Older Adults. We specialize in the care of people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia in older adults, such as Parkinson’s and frontotemporal dementias. Serena Center is designed under the model of “Assisted Living” and “Nursing Care” of the United States, with a higher level of service, as our ratio of caregiver per residents is more than double. In 2016, we will have two residences located in the North of Rosarito and the second one in Tijuana’s golden area.

2- What is the difference between an asylum and “Assisted Living”?

​In an “Assisted Living” model, there are high quality services offered in a friendly atmosphere. Personalized care plans are designed with spacious rooms, recreational areas and a homelike atmosphere. Single or double rooms are available, with 24-hour nursing care, camera and alarm security systems and permanent medical supervision.

3- Do you have daycare or offer temporary stay?

Yes, we offer care for a few hours, days, weeks or months. Stays by day work as any daycare center and go from 8-12 hours.

4- Do you receive people with Alzheimer’s disease?

Yes. Our personnel specialize in the care of people with Alzheimer’s.

5- Who can live in a SerenaCenter?

All older adults, which require personalized care  according to their pathologies.

6- Do you receive people with other conditions such as stroke (CVD), cancer, or terminally ill patients?

Yes. Our personnel has experience and receive training to care for people with these conditions. However, an assessment has to be made for each case before admission, and review the instructions of the attending physician and their families.

7- Do you have medical supervision?

Yes, SerenaCenter has doctors who are in charge of conducting regular visits to all our residents. In addition, our residences are supervised by renowned geriatrician Dr. Clemente Zúñiga Gil.

8- Do you have a civil protection program?

Yes, currently, we are one of the few Assisted Living residences in the state that has an effective Internal Civil Protection Program, to act in case of a catastrophic event such as fire, earthquake, or other eventualities. All our personnel has received ongoing training in first aid management, emergency management, always thinking about keeping the integrity and care of our residents and staff.

9- Do you have a nutritionist working on the food plans for residents?

Yes, currently, our medical director and nutritionist team have developed a personalized meals program according to the needs, tastes and necessary requirements of each resident. Our kitchen staff has received specialized training and prepares daily menus according to the menu program.

10- Do you have nursing supervision?

Yes currently our caregiving team is composed of caregivers, nursing assistants and general nurses with experience in older adults. They follow a special nursing care plan every day to better assist each resident.

11- What sets you apart from other residences?

We believe that having a combination of the right people, enthusiastic and trained personnel, with the best technology for daily use and specially designed natural spaces in our residences, make us one of top homes in Mexico specialized in Assisted Living.

Our SerenaCenter Rosarito has 19 single rooms and personalized surrounded by a countryside atmosphere. Our SerenaCenter Tijuana is located in a privileged area of ​​the city, in the heart of the Golden Zone.

Serena Center has been considered by many national and international experts as one of the best centers in northern Mexico. We have a great medical support network, work and recreational activities focused on improving the cognitive and physical areas of the brain and high security. We are not a hospital, but the best Assisted Living home in Baja.

12- In addition to daily care, what other activities do you offer to SerenaCenter residents?

In SerenaCenter we have a monthly calendar of activities, both recreational, cognitive combined with outdoor activities. We know that having fun is very important to maintain a good spirit and attitude towards life; that’s why we schedule at least two daily activities like yoga, music therapy, arts, hiking, lottery, exercise sessions to strengthen their balance and coordination, theme decoration, movie afternoons and many more.

13- How do you guarantee the safety of my loved one in a SerenaCenter?

Because of the confidence that many families have placed in Serena’s hands to accommodate their parents, siblings or grandparents with us, we maintain a surveillance program with security cameras and the support of our own bilingual Call Center all year long.

14- Do you accept people with HIV or AIDS drug addiction recovery?

Currently we do not admit people with these illnesses or diseases because these patients require specialized care unit and other infrastructure with which we do not have in our SerenaCenters.


15- My relative has been diagnosed with a mental illness, can he or she be admitted to a SerenaCenter?

Currently we do not have the correct and necessary staff to meet the care needs of people with delusional, paranoid, sexual or psychotic mental disorders, but in Baja California there are care options that specialize in a professional treatment just for them.

1- What is a SerenaCard?

It is an annual membership card a program called Serena Full Assistance Card. Its protection for your health and wellbeing in cases of medical emergencies. It offers one free ambulance service to the San Ysidro-Tijuana border or to a local hospital, assistance from our bilingual Call Center 24/365, discounts at over 375 established businesses in Tijuana, Rosarito, Tecate, Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe, from restaurants, hotels, spas, mechanics, dentists, medical specialists, and other benefits such as access to conferences, lectures and presentations on topics of interest in the area of ​​health.

2- Who can buy a membership?

Anyone who is adult, national or expat, and that requires care services or possible transport to your hospital in California or Baja California.

3- In addition to medical services, what else gives me the Serena Full Assistance membership?

Belonging to the community of Serena members, it’s like having a personal assistant; if the keys to your car or home are lost, we will send a locksmith, if the battery or tire your car do not work, we send even mechanic, if you want to paint your house and you need to hire a professional painter, we would send him. Our staff is attentive to their daily needs and work to help you with certified people by us to perform the work required.

4- I have public health insurance in the United States, but I spend a few weeks a month in Baja  where I do not have any coverage, how Serena helps me with my case?

Precisely because medical emergencies take us by surprise, have the Serena Full Assistance Card for one year ensures that when being in Baja California and call us yourself or a family member or neighbor for help, we will be able to send an ambulance free to ensure it is treated in the hospital.

5- How much is the membership Serena Full Assistance?

The individual price per year per person is $ 99 USD.

6- How far the membership covers me?

Our support services such as ambulances, tow trucks and other providers are in Tijuana, Rosarito, Tecate, Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe exclusively. We have no service in the US, however if you are in that country and require telephone support we will gladly attend your call and seek the best solution for you.

For more information about membership Serena Full Assistance and other health services please call 01800 030 0070/1877 60600 22

1- What is Serena Aid?

Serena care for the elderly in their own homes (SerenaLiving) in our SerenaCenters and through technology and support services. SerenaAid complementary services adding up to receive comprehensive care around the needs of a person, elderly or not, as transportation to medical appointments, provision of drugs, entertainment, among others.

2- I need to go to the pharmacy, supermarket or pay utility bills and I cannot drive, Serena can help me?

Yes. You just need to make an appointment at (01800) 030 0070, tell us the steps you need to do and a driver passes by you to your home, take him to where he has made the journey and returns home again.

3- Do I need to be affiliated with Serena to enjoy benefits such as transportation to medical appointments?

Not necessarily. However the current members of the Serena Full Assistance enjoy the benefit of getting special discounted rates.

4- I can’t drive now but I need to go to one or several appointments in the United States, anyone can take me?

Yes, we have drivers and caregivers available to accompany you to your medical appointments in the United States. You can use to shop, pay bills, get your medicine, go to the post office, visit your family or just strolling.

5- Are there personnel who have SENTRI to accompany me to my appointments?

Yes, we have a driver with SENTRI pass, simply schedule your appointment 48 hours in advance.

6- I have trouble with the maintenance of my house, how can you help me?

For existing members Serena Full Assistance Program, support with external suppliers validated by us such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters and mechanics.

7- I need local references Providers How Serena has a directory of services?

We have a directory with more than 375 business affiliate to the card program Serena Full Assistance in Baja California; from hospitals, restaurants, spas, veterinary, locksmiths, dentists, etc. With your active membership you can get discounts at affiliated businesses.

8- My dad lives alone and I am concerned to know what daily. Do you have a monitoring service?

Yes, the service called TLC (Tender Loving Call for short) is a great service for those who live alone and although they are independent, children or grandchildren can ensure that every day of the year call them through our Call Center to make sure you are well, they took their medication and have a brief talk about their day if they wish.

9- I know that in the United States exists remote monitoring services for older adults, in Mexico is there any you can recommend me?

We identified 3 or 4 companies in the country, but none provides services in BC. Serena has an agreement with Tuteli, company dedicated to remote monitoring across different platforms. We recommend to contact our Call Center (01800) 030 0070 for more details and a sales representative contact you.

10-If I require someone to pick me up at the airport or at home or to take a flight arrived from Tijuana and San Diego, Do you provide the service?

Yes. We have drivers who can support you for your travels. Just contact 48 hours in advance to our Call Center (01800) 030 0070 and we will gladly assist.

1- What is SerenaTLC?

TLC (Tender Loving Call for short) is a great service for those who live alone and although they are independent, children or grandchildren can ensure that every day of the year we call them to make sure they are well, they take his medicine and have a brief talk about their day if they wish.

2- What good is hiring Serena TLC?

It is a service that helps you stay aware of your senior who is living alone who, though independent, you worry about his health and his day-to-day and can be confident that their welfare is checked every day.

3- Who makes the call?

TLC calls are made through our Call Center which is available 24 hours a day.

4- At what time are called TLC?

Calls are set by the client, what time and when you would like to get calls from our call center to monitor their status.

5- What if there is no answer when calling?

You will be called to their emergency contacts which may include neighbors, close relatives, etc. In case there is no response from the emergency contacts after 3 dialing attempts, Serena sends a representative to inspect your home always supported by his emergency contact, the security guard or a neighbor who has appointed us. If you need support from the municipal police, Serena called the C4 coordinates and remains in the process.

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