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J. Fulginiti

In a serious medical emergency, Serena was there every step of the way…they surpassed my all of my expectations, their service is one of those you shouldn’t be without! They helped us in a crisis that could have ended in a tragedy without their support.

Adriana V. Tecate

I’m very satisfied and happy with the attention they provide my mother, not only the assistance, but the warmth. She has improved a lot, and I couldn’t have done it at home.

L. Roeper

I had a hip fractured, thank you for coordinating the emergency transport to my Hospital in San Diego, thank you again for convincing me do the right thing.

Sandra Guerrero

I would recommend their services, they are excellent. Specially Carlos, Juanita, Mireya, Marisa, Veronica and the Staff in general. We’re very grateful with everyone.

Yolanda Gonzalez

Thanks, thanks, thanks, Serena for those extra 5 years of life you gave my dad, Paquito. I will never forget you and may life reward you for all the love and care you had for my dad.

Susan C.

I would like to thank the staff at Serena Center for their excellent care of my 94 year old mother. 

In October of 2015, it became apparent that my mother’s Alzheimer’s had progressed to a point that she could no longer live alone. I searched for a facility that would be the right “fit” for her. Unfortunately, all of the places I investigated in the San Diego area were triple what she could afford. There was no way I could care for her myself since I have to keep working. I’m an only child and there was no one else to help her.

A social worker suggested looking in Mexico. We were given 3 locations, Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada. Ensenada was too far away and the place in Tijuana was very “institutional” feeling. Serena in Rosarito seemed very warm and welcoming. It gives you the feeling of living in a big house.  The caregivers and nurses speak English and are very patient and caring to the patients. This is challenging work but they never seem rushed or irritated. 

My mother is always clean and well cared for and enjoys her private room. She was able to bring some furniture and personal belongings with her.

 I am happy with all of the staff. Mom says the cook prepares great meals, the nurses keep me informed of her status, the caregivers are attentive, the housekeeper keeps the place spotless, the beautiful grounds are well kept by the gardener and the office staff are readily available. Best of all, this wonderful care is affordable, costing about half of what it does across the border. My mother’s last years will be spent comfortably and I will rest easy, knowing she is well cared for. 

Cathy B.

My husband’s mother was living with us in Mexico and she was almost 100 years old. We finally realized we could not care for her by ourselves. We heard about Serena Senior Care at Harmony House and went to see for ourselves if it would be an option.  We were so impressed with the facility and staff that we chose to move her there.

Very quickly we realized what a great choice we made. We visit at least 3 times a week and know that she has 24 hour care and access to medical care when needed. They have many activities such as games, yoga, exercise, drawing, dancing and singing.  The staff is so nice to all the residents and they feel like our extended family.

We just love them all. The food that Mireya and Francisca cook for the residents is healthy and very good.  She has been there for over a year and again we are so happy that we found them. I would highly recommend them to care for your loved one.